Brazil Kite Rental in the kitesurfing mecca Prea, near Jericoacoara. Opening Sep 2024

From September 2024 there will be the possibility to rent kite equipment in Brazil, in the kitesurfing mecca Prea. There are 2 categories, A material and B material. A is used material in good to very good condition. B is used material which is offered at a lower price.

Our special service: If you are planning a kite trip at different Brazil Ceara locations, you can rent the kite equipment for the entire time and does not have to be brought back in the afternoon or evening as is often the case. For example, the material can be picked up in Cumbuco and returned to Prea after the end of the holidays. This saves a lot of time and is extremely convenient.

A Material

Core Kite Equipment, very good condition, Model XR

Core Sensor 2 Bar, good condition 

Core Sensor 3 Bar Carbon, very good condition 

Core Kite Equipment, good condition, Model Section Wave 

F-one Carbon Board, 137 x 42 Model 2023, very good condition

Mystic Seat Harness

B Material

F-one Kite Bandit 

F-one Kite Bandit 

F-one Bar

Cabrinha Kite Switchblade

Cabrinha Bar

F-one Board Trax 135 x 39