My Name is Karl Josef Hirt, I´m living in the North of Switzerland, close to the Border of South Germany, Region Black Forest. My Passion are Kiteboarding, Snowkite, Mountain Bike and Trekking . Whenever the times allow, i'm going to exercises and enjoy one of my preferred sport, often together with my Son Stephan and my Nephew Tobi. 



Team Members

 Karl Josef Hirt , Traveling and Logistic Expert, International Sailing Certificate: Bodenseeschifferpatent, WIndsurfer 1982 - 2002, Kitesurfer since 2002, Mountain Bike Guide Expert especially for South Germany Black Forest and Switzerland , Pic: Indonesia Sep 2017

Stephan Hirt , Product Designer, Student, Kitersurfer since 2006, Target: Kite Instructor in 2019 Pic: Cape Verde, Boa Vista Jan 2018  

Tobias Hirt, Bachelor of Science, Skateboard Expert, Kitesurfer since 2011, perfect combination, a new Kitesurf Style was born. Pic: Cape Verde, Boa Vista Jan 2018  

Services: Privat Training for Kitesurf - Water - Snow - Land

For Beginner we are starting with the Theorie, follow up with Training on the Land with 2 Line Kite.  For further information please check category Snowkite  

Kite Training on the Land, after 2 Line Kite 1.5 m2 we are continue with the 4 Line Kite 5 m2  already connected with a Harness as picture are showing.  As longer  as a Training on the Land will be done as faster you will be able to steer the Kite intuitive, thats the key, the basic to learn  this fantasic Sport.  

Services: Kitesurf support in secluded Location especially Brazil, Indonesia, Madagascar, South Africa, Morocco, Dominican Republic, Cape Verde, Mauritius, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Canarian Islands

Our service starts at the Location i.e. Training, Rent Kite Equipment, Long Down Wind Tours with a 4 Wheel Pick up Car in secluded Brazil Location, referring Flight Tickets & Accommodation of course we are well knowing and able to support  once required.  Drone Photography will be available in July 2018 

Example for Accommondation in Brazil

Down Wind Tours 5 - 30 Km with a 4 Wheel Pick up in secluded Brazil Kite Location, nobody around, enjoy the Wave, relax

Example for Accommondation in Indonesia

Services: Privat Mountain Bike Guide, especially for South Germany Black Forest, Lake Constance and Switzerland

For further information please check category Mountain Bike

Next Journey foreseen

March 2018, Kitesurf at South France Etang de Berre  

April 2018 Mountain Bike at Spain, Andorra Pyrenäen 

July 2018 Kitesurf Indonesia 

November, Dezember 2018 Kitesurf Brazil 

Camera: Canon EOS 70D Lens 15-85 1:3 / Go Pro Hero 2 and 4 / All pictures are original, nothing amended !